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  • Nationality:United States
  • Professional filed: Marine engineering equipment and vessels
  • Academic degree: PHD candidate
  • Working language: English
  • Working life: ten year
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  • Service form: United States
  • Graduated school: State University of New York
  • Academic degree: PHD candidate

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Research Interests •Marine Sedimentology •Glacial and high-latitude marine geology •Geochronology •Estuarine Sedimentology •Sedimentary geochemistry, diagenesis of sediments, formation of authigenic phases in sediments Research Experience •Sedimentologist, Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 317 Canterbury Basin, 11/2/09-1/5/10 •Monitoring shoreline and beach morphologic change at Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida, May 2009-present •Coring field work in coastal Florida lakes, lagoons, marshes, and estuaries (2000-present) •Co-Chief Scientist: R/V Maurice Ewing, Cruise EW0408, Sedimentation, Paleoceanography, and Paleoclimatology of Southeast Alaska, Newport Oregon to Kodiak Alaska, 8/21/2004-9/23/2004 •Coring Supervisor, R/V Alpha Helix, Cruise AH0404, Hubbard Glacier Expedition, Seward-Seward Alaska, 6/14/2004-6/22/2004 •Hydrate Ridge, Cascadia Margin, DSV Alvin Dives to ODP CORK 892B June 1998; July, 1999; August, 2000 •Northeastern Gulf of Alaska, August-Sept., 1994; July 1995 (PhD cruises) •Naval Research Laboratory, Coastal Benthic Boundary Layer (CBBL) Program 1993 Baltic Sea, Germany & 1995 Dry Tortugas, Florida •Joint Australian-US Cruise, April 5-20, 1996, R/V Lady Basten-Sepik River, North Coast of Papua New Guinea

Credentials & Honors

•National Science Foundation, Ocean Sciences/ Marine Geosciences/ Ocean Drilling Program "Collaborative Research: Expedition 317 Objective Research – Linking Sediment Provenance to Supply and Lithofacies Formation on the Canterbury Margin," May 2011 – April 2013, OCE-1060844
•�Developing Sediment Chronologies for the Chukchi Sea�, sub-contract to University of Alaska, 07/17/2009-12/31/2010
•Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 317 Participation Award, Consortium for Ocean Leadership, 11/4/2009-11/03/2012
•�An evaluation of Neogene sedimentation on the Surveyor Fan, Gulf of Alaska: Site Augmentation proposal for IODP 686-Full�, Consortium for Ocean Leadership, 8/1/08-7/31/10.
•�Development of Shoreline Change Proxies from Satellite Image Analysis and Beach Surveys at Cape Canaveral, Florida�, NASA, 4/15/09-4/14/10
•National Science Foundation, Ocean Sciences/ Marine Geosciences/ Ocean Drilling Program �"Collaborative Research: Establishing a High-resolution Temporal Record of Quaternary Climate-Glacial-Ocean Linkages in Southern Alaska (and IODP Site Survey)," May 2004 – April 2006, OCE-0351043
•National Science Foundation, Office of Polar Programs/Arctic Natural Sciences �Collaborative Research: Establishing Marine Varve Thickness as a Proxy for Annual Alaska Climate Variability and PDO Oscillations, Hubbard Glacier Field Study." August 2003-July 2006. OPP-0326926
•Joint Oceanographic Institutions, "Evaluating Decadal-Scale Climate Change and Geomagnetic Paleointensity Records in Continental Shelf Strata of the Subarctic Pacific: IODP Proposal 597�, May 2003-April 2004,
•Joint Oceanographic Institutions, Workshop �Interplay of Collisional Tectonics and Late Cenozoic Glacial Climate in Alaska and the Northeastern Pacific Ocean" joint with Continental Dynamics/National Science Foundation, January 2003-December 2003,
•Jupiter Inlet District Commission, Jan.-December, 2002

Developing Late Holocene Chronologies of Estuarine Processes, Loxahatchee River Estuary, Palm Beach County, FL, Lead PI,

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