Elad Hazan Salad

  • Nationality:United States
  • Professional filed: Internet & Big data
  • Academic degree: PHD candidate
  • Working language: English
  • Working life: ten year
  • Service regions:

Legal IP consulting Technology transfer Financial investment Technology Development/R&D R&D Marketing Accounting Management Project Management Education/Research Media &Advertising Internet Purchasing&Sourcing Others

Professional Consulting

  • Service form: United States
  • Graduated school: Princeton University
  • Academic degree: PHD candidate

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Profile Overview

Elad Hazan is a professor of computer science at Princeton university. He joined in 2015 from the Technion, where he had been an associate professor of operations research. His research focuses on the design and analysis of algorithms for basic problems in machine learning and optimization. Amongst his contributions are the co-development of the AdaGrad algorithm for training learning machines, and the first sublinear-time algorithms for convex optimization.

Credentials & Honors

He is the recipient of (twice) the IBM Goldberg best paper award in 2012 for contributions to sublinear time algorithms for machine learning, and in 2008 for decision making under uncertainty, a European Research Council grant , a Marie Curie fellowship and a Google Research Award (twice). He serves on the steering committee of the Association for Computational Learning and has been program chair for COLT 2015.

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