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  • Nationality:Canada
  • Professional filed: Automotive and transportation equipment
  • Academic degree: PHD candidate
  • Working language: English
  • Working life: five year
  • Service regions:

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Professional Consulting

  • Service form: Canada
  • Graduated school: UBC
  • Academic degree: PHD candidate

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Dr. Lovegrove is passionate about sustainable communities, and is one of the School of Engineering’s experts in applied sustainable civil engineering - he is currently working with the Canadian and American Societies of Civil Engineers (ASCE/CSCE) on the release of a new reference textbook for practitioners and students-alike on civil engineering practices "Toward Sustainable Communities" (working title). Dr Lovegrove is regularly asked to speak at sustainable community land use and transportation conferences, to co-author and contribute as expert consultant on sustainability texts used today by governments and universities across the globe.

Credentials & Honors

Dr Lovegrove's contributions, expertise, and reputation have been recognized by his peers as worthy of several distinguished grants, including: a Natural Science & Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Discovery Grant, a Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) Grant to equip his Sustainable Transport Safety (STS) Research Lab, and NSERC Engage Grants to solve emerging industry problems.

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