Smart Impact Protective 3D-spacer Fabrics of Adaptive Stiffness

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Project Profile

"This technology can instantly get rigid on impact, rapidly transmitting the impact force onto a big area, and become flexible again after the impact. Well balanced between protective performance and comfort, the new fabric is an ideal textile material to substitute polyurethane foams and rubbers which are currently used to produce high-performance protective garment andequipment.

Special Features and Advantages

High protective performance meeting Standard EN1621-1:1997

• Excellent comfort property due to high air permeability and


• Very good shape-adaptability of auxetic fabric to body curvatures

• Washable and can be cut to any required size and shape


• Protective garments and equipment for sportive and military uses

• Hip protectors for elderly people

• Protective bags and pads

• Protective mats and mattresses

• Package materials"

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