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Vegetable oils are more abundant in unsaturated fatty acids compared to animal oils and are emerging as an alternative energy source with extensive attention being paid as biodiesel due to the recent exhaustion of fossil fuel as well as the importance as food. The demand for vegetable oils tends to increase as days go by, while supply can't catch up the demand.

For the production of vegetable oil which is expected for tremendous worldwide demand, it is anticipated that developing GMO (genetically modified organisms) with high oil output is essential. Therefore, there is a need to develop a gene that functions to allow an increase in oil content in a seed that mostly stores the vegetable oil, without decreasing the size of seeds or the number of siliques, or more ideally, increases both the size of seeds and the number of siliques. The present technology portfolio is related to a strong tool to increase both oil content and size of seeds.

That is, when a gene coding for ABC (ATP-binding cassette) or BASS2 transporter protein is inserted and over-expressed in a plant, not only the size of the seeds of the transgenic plant increases, but also the fat store content itself inside the seeds increases, which eventually improves the stored fat store, thereby greatly increasing the productivity of seeds and fat store within seeds.

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