Galileo Satellite Navigation

Tom Hengy
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  • Country: Israel
  • Industry: Marine engineering equipment and vessels
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Project Profile

"Galileo Satellite Navigation (GSN) develops and markets an innovative line of products and solutions designed for the civil GNSS/GPS expanding global market. The company markets its GNSS line of solutions with a significant ongoing investment in research and strong customer partnerships.

The company has established and led two consortiums, iGalileo and GRAETS. Both consortia brought together leading industrial and academic partners to combine market access with advanced research capabilities.

The company possesses unique expertise as well as IP and commercial assets gained through its founders’ years of experience with the GPS and Galileo systems. GSN’s technology can be used for mobile phones, handheld devices, vehicle information systems, telecommunications, meteorology, marine applications, location-based security, military uses, timing devices, and many other applications."

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