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Magnesium and magnesium alloys are the most promising lightweight structural materials in the twenty-first Century. Magnesium and magnesium alloys are of low density and light quality. The use of magnesium alloys can be reduced by 15% - 20% compared to that of aluminum alloys. The specific strength (strength to mass ratio) is higher than that of aluminum alloy and steel, and the ratio of stiffness (stiffness to mass ratio) is close to that of aluminum alloy and steel. In addition, the shock absorption and damping coefficient is good, the impact load capacity is larger than the aluminum alloy, and the shell can reduce noise. The wheel can reduce vibration and improve the safety and comfort of the automobile. The magnesium alloy has good conductivity and thermal conductivity, and the cooling time of magnesium alloy is half of that of aluminum alloy under the same temperature condition. However, the main reasons for restricting the application of magnesium alloys are the high performance creep resistance and high temperature fatigue properties of magnesium alloys. With the development of magnesium alloy automobile parts, the application characteristics of magnesium alloy in automobile is from small to large parts of the transition part; the transition from simple to complex component parts; from simple stress to the transitional parts with specific performance requirements; by divide a combination to a single casting transition.

Domestic and foreign OEMs and parts suppliers have developed a lot of magnesium alloy parts, some of which have been widely used in commercial vehicles, there are still some applications, there are bottlenecks need to break through. For example, wheels are currently used only on a small number of racing cars, and corrosion problems must be resolved if they are to be used in large quantities. On the whole, in the short term, a large number of applications are mainly parts with low corrosion resistance, such as steering wheel frame, seat frame, instrument panel, skeleton and so on.

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