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Panoramic vision leading and virtual reality solutions vendor Upano (Beijing science and Technology) the current release of the super 6K Upano-T820 camera is enough to solve the panoramic video media broadcast the demand, which is composed of 6 stations in the United States Gopro 4 extreme sports camera design, with convenient characteristics of local memory, built-in power supply, WIFI remote camera. Ambarella has the characteristics of A9 image processing solutions with high-definition imaging, ISP professional image training scheme, the Gopro4 image has amazing shooting ability, even the working environment of 20 degrees below zero can also be taken as usual. Upano panoramic video mosaic software, on this basis, to complete the 6K level panoramic video processing, 6K resolution can shoot 30fps MP4/H.264, splicing resolution can reach 5200*2600P. The excellent multi angle shooting solution is presented to the user for experience. The virtual devices on the market such as storm mirror have good compatibility, generated video without post-processing, you can play directly.

The Upano-T820 weighs about 900 grams, the compact size allows it to have a variety of different ways to use, you can put it in the traditional triangle tripod or hanging in the backpack, handheld panorama shooting is also no problem, mobile panoramic video scene is quite cool, even if the panoramic aerial, and also can Xinjiang UAV perfect adaptation, fully embodies the practicality of the Upano-T820.

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