Beyond Access(BA) System

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Project Profile

BA is a whole new system that combined with the Superconducting RF front end technology, ultra-high vacuum long-term pressure retaining technology, intelligent control, data compression and decompression, encryption and decryption of computer hardware and software technology, specialized network planning, and optimization technology and WLAN technology. BA can be achieved coverage radius 2~5km, data throughout up to 900MB and multipoint-to-point remote WLAN system, which can be used to reduce effectively the interference and system noise floor, and greatly increase the communication distance and data capacity, and improve communication quality. BA can solve those problems for enterprises, such as complex manufacturing environment, difficulty in the construction of a wired LAN, lack of frequency resources; and small coverage, serious interference and low transmission rate by using current WLAN. BA can be used to greatly promote the development of productive forces and improve management level for the enterprises, to save large amounts of funds and create more wealth for the country.

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