Moscow is outfitting its Baltic Fleet with even more advanced military hardware

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Russia is sending it's Baltic Fleet a new missile ship and and more advanced fighter-bomber jets by the end of the year, Newsweekreported

The fleet will receive a missile corvette ship and more Su-30SMjets, Vice Admiral AlexanderNosatov told Ministry of Defense newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda on Tuesday. 

The Su-30M jet is considered to be one of the most advanced versions of the Russian "Flanker" jets, according to IHS Jane's 360. The fleet first received the Su-30SM in December 2016. 

"The Baltic fleet is actively building and developing," Nosatov told the Russian paper, adding that it has already received an Alexandrit-class minesweeper, which is basically a ship that sweeps for mines in the ocean. 

The fleet currently has  "three cutting-edge diesel submarines, one destroyer, six patrol ships, six fast attack guided missile craft, six anti-submarine warfare corvettes, 12 missile boats, four large amphibious assault ships, two small amphibious assault ships, six coastal minesweepers and nine inshore minesweepers," Alexander Khrolenko, a Russian defense analyst, recently wrote in Sputnik

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