Google co-founder Larry Page reveals bizarre new flying car

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AFTER years of rumours, Google co-founder Larry Page has finally unveiled his flying car — and the news is a bit of a shock.


imagining Page was fine tuning a futuristic flying family vehicle for

the past few years will be in for a surprise with the revelation that

the Kitty Hawk looks like the hybrid of a drone and a jet ski and could

have the worst features of both.

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now you can forget about those dreamings of beating the morning rush

hour and prepare for yet another noisy device to attack the serenity of a

day on the water.

The driver, or pilot, sits on what is similar to a jet ski seat on

top of a grid of netting that, presumably, protects the pilot from

injuring themselves on the four-spinning propellers keeping the unit

above the ground.

Page, in a statement to The New York Times, said

“We’ve all had dreams of flying effortlessly. I’m excited that one day

very soon I’ll be able to climb onto my Kitty Hawk Flyer for a quick and

easy personal flight.”

A Silicon Valley "flying car" startup reportedly backed by Google co-founder Larry Page. Picture: AFP

This first version of the Kitty Hawk, that Page hopes might be

available for sale by the end of a year, is a one-person vehicle that

can only be flown over freshwater and in uncongested areas — so no

buzzing people down a crowded beach and, also, no flying around on the

school run or down to the shops for milk.

The good news for those

hoping to one day have a flying car of their own is that the Kitty Hawk

Flyer is, at least technically, an ultralight and does not require a

pilot’s license.

Google co-founder Larry Page. Picture: AP

At the Kitty Hawk FAQ site, the company says the price for the first

commercially available vehicle will be announced closer to the expected

launch date later this year.

In the meantime, it is selling membership at US$100 a pop to receive

exclusive behind-the-scenes content and a US$2000 discount off the sales

price when it is released.

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