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By Christoph Weidinger

Our lives are about to change vastly. Police officers or security personnel will sooner or later be replaced with robotic security units to fight criminality. The acceptance of using robots for various tasks in society will increase und autonomous vehicles and humanoids will find their ways onto the earth. Although you may fear this robotic revolution, it will help people gain higher safety and prosperity. What could be more important than not dying in a gunfight? The safety of individuals will be one of the greatest issues in the future.

I would like to introduce a security robot called K5 manufactured by the company Knightscope and tell you its advantages for our future society. Although this robot looks 
nothing like a human, so called humanoids like Asimo from Honda are also on their ways.

The robot K5 is fully autonomous and can operate by itself. It is equipped with a lot of different sensors, e.g. cameras and distance measurement sensors, as well as highly performing processors to compete with humans in monitoring tasks. Knightscope developed complex algorithms that can detect weapons and enable behavior recognition. In the case of a crime the robot can activate alarms and call the police or other security services. The robot also has license plate monitoring, with which it can check with police registers, if a car has been reported. The robot can watch out for criminal activities in your neighborhood. Other possible operational areas could be shopping centers and their parking areas.

Imagine if this highly advanced, future-proof technology could be combined with humanoids like Asimo or other projects. A great advantage of robots doing security tasks is, that if a robot gets harmed, it can be repaired or replaced. This would lead to a massive reduction of deaths of police officers in gunfights or battles. The second advantage is that a robot cannot overreact, because it acts on facts around it. Due to its high computing power and 360 degree cameras to scan its environments, K5 can also react faster and more precisely than humans. The next step would be to equip robots with weapons, from tasers to guns, so that they can replace police officers and security staff. Before this scenario is in operation, many tasks have to be done to ensure 100 percent correct and reliable actions. Who knows, maybe in ten or twenty years you will shout “Quick, call a robocop!”.

Student at Technikum Wien University


Info Source: http://www.roboticsandai.com/2016/06/quick-call-a-robocop/

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