Project Summary


This project, which studies healthy and diseased human proteomes, has developed a novel protein quantification method called 4D parallel reaction monitoring that provides a biomarker of possible diseases for the discovery of novel proteins and elucidates pathological mechanisms and discover new drug targets. This product is used for early diagnosis of disease, improved treatment monitoring and prognosis, and innovative new drugs. This project develops and commercializes a biomarker evaluation kit containing a reference peptide labeled with a stable isotope for absolute quantitative measurement of 1000 human proteins in a single plasma sample. The key to the project is the “next generation proteomics” technology developed. This technology uses a newly developed mass spectrometer with ion mobility options and novel protein quantification methods, combined with 4D parallel reaction monitoring (4D-PRM) including retention time, ion mobility, mass and signal intensity, thus improving precision medicine Level. The project will conduct MS proteomics services to perform multiple quantification of blood samples for medical research and personal health monitoring. This technology synthesizes specific peptides for use in the matching of eight mass spectrometers.



Team Profile


Christoph H. Borchers, Professor, CSO

•    Academician of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS), Analytical Chemistry / Biochemistry

•    Provides extensive academic and industrial expertise in kit development;


Evgeny N. Nikolaev, Professor, CTO

•    Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, responsible for the company's project product development strategy, providing expertise to develop assay methods and scientific verification;


Maxim A. Mironenko CEO

•    Years of experience in the commercialization of management, entrepreneurship and research and development;


Grigoriy I. Kovalev COO

•    Doctor of Medicine, 30 years of experience in large companies in Russia and the United States



Status of Technology and Business Maturity


Product development completed