Project Summary


Nowadays drug development is facing huge challenges, including low success rate in clinical trials, high cost and lengthy development process. The key solution to these challenges is to utilize precision medicine along the drug development process. Biomarker-based Companion Diagnostics (CDx) is to facilitate an intelligent patient selection strategy as a fundamental component in clinical trials to maximize the likelihood for approval of new drugs, which is very common in clinical trials. However, CDx had not shown a lot of success due to the poor quality of the patient selection.

OakLabs’ innovative solution is to compose multiple molecular biomarkers into a biomarker signature, which provides extraordinary precision to the whole drug development process. This technology is achieved with proprietary AI & Machine Learning algorithm. Nevertheless, OakLabs’s CDx predicts responders and non-responders with more than 90% of accuracy, which is higher than traditional (single molecule) biomarkers that only achieve accuracies between 65% and 80%. OakLabs has run very promising projects aimed to develop a companion diagnostics (CDx) for rheumatoid arthritis, breast cancer and pyohemia.