Project Summary


Nanopac Nanotechnology Self-sustaining Toilet System (SSTS) is able to turn human waste into hydrogen gas and fertilizer, turn sewage into clean water, which is one of the latest inventions of Nanopac Group of Companies.

Three core technologies of this innovative are solar energy, electrochemical treatment (Nano stainless steel electrode technology) and nanotechnology. Solar energy powers multiple reactors to break down waste into solids that can be used as fertilizer and hydrogen gas which can be stored in fuel cells. Using electrochemical treatment to kill harmful organisms, remove pollutants and color. In addition, an advanced nanotechnology-enhanced filtration system is designed to treat collected rainwater for hand washing. This completely self-contained toilet system has no sewer and grid connection. The whole process of sewage treatment takes 3 to 4 hours.

Nano stainless steel electrode technology has been testified by professor Hoffmann from Caltech. SSTS has earned the support of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and used widely in India, Malaysia and Africa etc.