Xilong Scientific

Company Overview


Xilong Scientific Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983 as one of the largest chemical reagent manufacturers and suppliers in China. It is the first listed chemical company in China on Shenzhen Stock Exchange starting from June, 2011.


Xilong Scientific has production plants in different areas of China. The main factory is located in Shantou, Guangdong Province. Total manufacturing area covers approximately 200,000 square meters.


Technical Requirement

Molecular diagnostic products and immune diagnostic products:

Competitive in the foreign market but not yet available in the domestic market;

Mainly applied in the early detection for digestive tract (such as colon, rectum) tumor, thyroid tumor, gynecological tumor;

It can also be a relatively mature technology and process ready for mass production. Potential matches could be projects from startups and universities with provision of samples and specificity at 30% and above.

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