Guangdong Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Company Overview


Guangdong Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine was found in 1955. It is a directly affiliated institution of Guangdong Food and Drug Vocational College and managed by the Department of Education of Guangdong Province. It focuses on resources and standardized planting of Chinese herbal medicine, quality analysis and detection of Chinese herbal medicine, R&D of medicine and health food, R&D of Chinese herbal medicine cosmetics.

Technical Requirement


R&D of cellulase application technology for removing starch, pectin and protein to increase extraction rate of volatile oil in cinnamon.    


  1. Investment and financing will be offered, besides the budget for cosmetic products R&D project, more than CNY 1 Million will be available for investment.

  2. Both parties shall hold their respective intellectual property rights and shall be the joint owner of intellectual property rights of joint development achievements.

  3. R&D period: 1-2 year. Product sample period: within half a year.

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Tech Scouting - Enzymatic Extraction
cellulose, amyloysis, Pectin decomposition, Chinese cinnamon, volatile oil
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