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Established in 2006, Guangzhou WeiMeiZi Industrial Co.Ltd., owner of two brands: Saky and Saky Kids, is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales. Headquartered in Tianhe Software Park, Guangzhou, it has established a vast marketing network with over 14,000 sales representatives, covering important cities and provincial capital cities across China, including 8,000+ retail stores, while it has stretched downwards to 50,000+ retail outlets at county level.

As one of the fastest-growing enterprises in recent years with an annual growth rate of 200%, WeiMeiZi is the only household chemical enterprise ranked (74/100) on 2012 Forbes China. The rapid development and forward thinking has enabled the company to attract attention of numerous venture capitals.

Technical Requirement

Abrasive to eliminate physical friction; 

New chemical reagent for chemical complexation other than the existing mature products (such as peroxide, pyrophosphate, phytate, etc.); 

New tooth whitening technologies e.g. botanic and bio-whitening tooth technology, other than the existing light path modifiers (such as blue pigments);

A definite mechanism of tooth whitening has been established with verification through in vitro model;

Safety of the tooth whitening technology and its application in oral care products must be guaranteed and in compliance of any relevant laws and regulations.

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