EngyVision (Beijing) New Technology Co., Ltd.

EngyVision is committed to improving the efficiency of energy production, transmission, conversion and utilization and particularly focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The company offers customized “one-step and integration” solutions for improving energy utilization and reducing emission. 

Its aim is: proving an excellent experience of energy saving and environmental protection for our customers. EngyVision is able to provide an international leading and competitive products and services for partners and customers by establishing a transformation platform for innovation and technology achievement and integrating the most advanced technology of energy saving and environmental protection in the world.

At present 3 parts of its business have been applied for IP protection: 

-Solution for environmental protection material based on inorganic adhesive residues of farming and forestry 

-Services program of BestBurn & FLAC energy efficiency improvement based on enzyme fuel additive

-New agriculture Implementation scheme and saline soil transformation based on super-bacterial organic fertilizer treatment.

EngyVision is a national high-tech enterprise and a member of UN Global Compact who has ISO 9001 certification and ISO14001 certification.



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