Chongqing Xishan Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Overview


Established in December 1999, the company is located in the North of Chongqing. It is a national high-end technical enterprise that focuses on the research and development, manufacturing and sales of medical devices. The company has built three different provincial scientific research platforms and undertaken a large number of national and provincial scientific researches. It is one of the leading enterprises in the national biological industrial base.

Since its establishment, the company is committed to research and development of operation power device. To be the best operation power devices manufacturer in the world is their goal.


Technical Requirement


  1. Seal Welding of Tiny Sapphire Lens and Stainless Steel

    Lens size: Ф2~Ф8

    Requirement: 134°C, High pressure leakproofness, high-pressure range: 215±5%kPa, water vapor infiltration is not acceptable.

  2. High Precision and Small Lens Processing Technology

    High precision and stable processing technology, maximum diameter 2mm.

  3. High Definition Endoscopic Image Enhancement Technology

    HD endoscopic image enhancement processing and recognition of lesion. High contrast, high color reproducibility and accurate capillary reduction; using algorithms to automatically diagnose disease tissue and categorize diseases.

  4. 4K Endoscope Technology

    Optical system and imaging system should reach 4K

  5. Fluorescence Imaging

    Disease tissue is automatically diagnosed by optical staining, drug staining and special light.

  6. 3D Endoscopic Technology

    Optical system and imaging system, mainly abdominal 3D endoscope.

  7. HD Image High-speed Wireless Transmission Technology in Medical Environment

    Wireless transmission of 4K HD image, 60 frames / sec, low calorification, small size.                                                                  

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