Why Trademark Registration is crucial for doing business in China?


Brand Establishment and Brand Protection


Prerequisite for official accreditation of particular industries

Eg. Insurance of Quality Inspection Report, Health Certificate of Inspection and Quarantine, Product Barcode etc.


Prerequisite for entrance of E-commerce platforms in China

Eg. Entrance to Tmall, JD.com etc.


Prerequisite for officially verified account of social media in China

Eg. For enterprises to apply for verified account from QQ, weibo etc.

Possible Challenges You Might Come Across

Lack of Qualification: Insufficient proficiency in application handling might lead to unexpected outcome

Unregulated Service Fees: Extra items are billed without prior notice after service is engaged

High Cost: Accredited and quality trademark agencies usually charge high service fees

Lengthy Registration Process: Remote document submission is time-consuming with low efficiency.

WTOIP: Your Reliable Solution

Proficient - Qualified and professional legal team to manage risks associated with trademark registration with overall 60+% pass rate achieved

Reliable - Clear and standardized service fee schedule will be strictly followed without any hidden or disguised charges

Affordable - Service fee of China Trademark EasyReg is more than 50% lower than similar products worldwide

Efficient - Online facility enables users to submit application materials, view application progress and invoice, as well as to lodge the official application with China’s National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) provided that application materials are assessed as satisfactory.

How to activate 'China Trademark EasyReg'?

Firstly submit a quick application for our review. We will notify you the application result within 1 working day. Please check your inbox or mailbox in due course.

Who can apply for China Trademark EasyReg?

Generally it is available to organizations with multiple demands for China trademark registration throughout the year, such as: 1) IP agency or law firm; 2) Design group or association; 3) Technology or big data platform; or 4). Other professional service providers etc.

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