SINCE 2013111

Send orange network ( under the guangzhou boao network technology co., LTD., is the world's leading innovative entrepreneurial resource sharing service platform, adhering to the "let the idea become a reality" mission, with micro, small and medium enterprises as the core customer service, using the Internet and Shared economic way, solve all innovation innovation service undertaking and fall to the ground, to develop innovative, comprehensive services, intellectual property knowledge ShangYun, industrialization of intellectual property rights, intellectual property rights transactions, Shared innovation service) business (industrial and commercial tax legal services and marketing/shopping mall and innovative entrepreneurial training, personnel recruitment/team, capital financing) 10, and social service, search, shopping mall and five members and information function, at the same time to develop innovative entrepreneurial resources map, let users find selves the most accessible innovation entrepreneurship resources, power transformation and upgrading o

  • 36 branch offices in China
  • 60 cities presence in China
  • 2000+ employees

Innovative entrepreneurship services

  • IP Application & Registration
  • Open Innovation E-mall
  • IP Commercialization and Licensing
  • Partner Scouting
  • IP Litigation
  • Inno Tech E-marketing
  • Expert Consulting
  • Capital Financing