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Based in China, WTOIP is a leading Technovation Platform for IP and Corporate Services, through engaging and integrating resources and services online and offline, at home and abroad. Driven by our primary motivation to impel the transnational technological and industrial advancement, we are dedicated to matching global resources to substantive demands. 

IP-Stakeholder (知商) refers to the entire enterprises and individuals that create, protect, utilize, invest and serve IP. By promoting IP commercialization, industrialization, financialization and popularization, we aim to assist IP-Stakeholders with generation of commercial value and profit in the process of IP circulation and industrialization, and ultimately fulfil our mission: Turning Your Ideas Into Reality. 

WTOIP is in favor with venture capital with its promising and viable business model: CNY 210 million secured for Series A funding and CNY 1 billion for Series B, setting the record for IP service industry in China.

Currently 38 branch companies in 31 cities across China including Hong Kong are in operation backed by 3,300+ competent and dedicated WTOIP employees. The Silicon Valley Operations Center has been open since 2016.


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We inspire IP-Stakeholders and their businesses with innovation resources and matchmaking services, accomplished through our IP Business Ecosystem, a sustainable business social system that encompasses universities, research institutes, tech companies, tech transfer institutions, exchanges, financial institutions, investors, and individual inventors worldwide. We have been taking an active role as the initiator and proud representative of such ecosystem, through which collection, organization, commercialization, transaction and management of cross-border knowledge and innovation resources can be seamlessly facilitated.