Innovative Resources Hub

Undoubtedly innovation is important, but the question remains of how to weave innovation into the core fabric of an organisation’s development. Here, the model of the sharing economy provides some good examples. Essentially, the sharing economy uses information technology to create value through the redistribution, sharing and reuse of excess or idle capacity in goods and services. Participating in the sharing economy is easy and inexpensive; its benefits are available to individuals, corporations, non-profits and governments alike.  

Basing the trend of sharing economy, WTOIP has been building an Innovative Resources Hub  (hereafter called “Hub”). The Hub is an online platform and IP Business ecosystem. Through the Hub, we assemble the experts and specialists from all over the world in different industries and fields (such as technicians in telecommunications, doctors in biological medicine, mechanical engineers, etc.) to provide consultation on technology research and development, technology transfer, licensing, and so on. All the users on can check the experts’ profiles and their expertise, and then contact them. In addition, we also encourage laboratories, research institutes, universities and testing organizations to lease their idle apparatus and equipment for public use. The benefit is that not only does it fully utilize the idle intellectual resources, human resources, testing and experiment resources, but also greatly minimize the economic costs of users, especially start-ups,  micro-sized and small-sized companies, by part-time/project hiring instead of full-time hiring and renting instead of purchasing. In this way, the whole IP Business ecosystem would be much more active and at the same time stable.


Who shall join our Network - Innovative Resources Hub?