Commercial Exploitation of Intellectual Property Rights

Commercial exploitation of intellectual property rights is an important prerequisite for the innovative company to achieve positive return on investment, obtain IP Finance and facilitate the industrial transformation, upgrading and commercial collaboration. WTOIP has adopted the State IP Office’s intangible asset valuation approaches and integrated international intangible asset valuation approaches to form a professional analysis on the intangibles. Such professional and competent report provides clients with the best commercial exploitation strategy on intellectual property rights based on their own IP strategic planning. The strategy for making commercial gain from IP will help in various ways, including:

1) To provide precise data and analysis for corporation’s research & development and marketing strategy by collecting competitors’ or industrial patent technology information.

2) To provide successful IP protection strategy based on a detailed analysis on project value by taking into consideration the technology superiority, legal risk and market return, etc. to avert project development risk.

3) To keep the core value of investment and M & A to avoid the intangible asset loss or reduce the costs of IP M & A and collaborations.

4) To explore new IP income approach and to ensure financial growth.


WTOIP provides the services as follows:

1) Patent Search and Analysis

2) IP Consultant

3) IP Due Diligence

4) Enterprise IP Standards Implementation

5) IP Trading Product Packaging

6) Enterprise IP Diagnostic Report

7) IP Value Analysis Report