IP Training

As we know, Intellectual Property protection is the core competitive power for future national development. To solve the talents shortage with regard to IPRs in China and progress IP Portfolio Management capabilities, WTOIP Institute provides a series of IP training program services targeted toward public, private and civil society professionals who wish to deepen their knowledge in IP planning for their own growth or for their corporations’ operation and sustainable development. 
Taught by government representatives, distinguished academics and practitioners from home and abroad, the course integrates the international legal framework and innovative concept into cultivation of talents in IP industry and corporation operation in China, equipping you with insight into current and future challenges in the field of IP. 
  • A Platform of training and dispatching talents in IPRs and law affairs 
  • Service provider of complete IP portfolio management solutions 
  • Professional business consultant on corporate operating earnings and risk control 
IP Training Programs 
  • IP Planner Certification 
  • Any individuals who have attended the course and passed examination organized by WTOIP institute will obtain IP Planner Certificate granted by employment guidance center of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of P.R. China 
Tailor-made In-house Training 
WTOIP offers in-house training for organizations wishing to undergo a tailor-made training program specific to their business requirements. We are happy to discuss your individual or business needs and develop a comprehensive program proposal of your preference. 
Classic Courses of Tailor-made In-house Training delivered by WTOIP:
  • Enterprise IP Portfolio Management 
  • Trade Secret Management - Corporate Patent Strategy
  • Intellectual Property and IPO Management 
  • Domestic Patents and their Commercial Value 
  • Branding and Intellectual Property Protection