• Boon Xie

    Co-founder & CEO
    MBA & MSc (EM)
    • A famous IP strategy expert, and a leading IP entrepreneur in China
    • Awarded IAM Strategy 300
    • has established 30 branches in China, with about 1,300 staff
    • Featured Leader in IP industry of Branding China 2012
    • was the only IP consulting service provider invited to attend Boao Forum for Asia 2013. Mr. Xie was cordially received by the President Mr. Xi Jinping.
    • The current Vice President of Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the Executive Director of the China Enterprise Confederation, and the Member of the Guangzhou CPPCC
  • Julienne Yin

    Co-founder & Director of Legal Department
    MSc (EM) & LLB (IEL)
    • Ms. Yin is a Bachelor of International Economic Law, a Master of Economics and Management and a Senior IP Attorney, having extensive legal experience. She worked for more than 30 famous enterprises such as Shandong International Trust and Investment Corporation and Luxin Investment Holding Group Co., Schneider, ZTE, Weichai Power and NOEL.

      She can flexibly manage wide areas of legal services, combining her advanced overseas and local experience to make impact on many Chinese companies. She is currently a committee member of Guangdong Minmeng, a commentator of “Legal Daily”, and the EU LLD candidate of Université de Rennes.

  • Tony Zheng

    Co-founder & Deputy Dean of IP R&D Centre
    MSc (Eng)
    • Mr. Zheng is a Senior Patent Attorney, a Committee Member of China Patent Agents Association, and a Committee Member of the China Enterprise Confederation (Information Committee), holding the qualification of Patent Agent and lawyer, with more than 10 years of practical patent and legal experience. He worked for the Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration, Unitalen Attorneys at Law, Sany Group, etc. and is specialized in patent-related areas. He provides practical assistance for nearly 1000 enterprises regarding patent management.

  • Amy Chen

    Co-founder & Director of International Business Centre
    LLM (IEL)
    • Ms. Chen is a Bachelor International Economic Law and a Senior IP Consultant, having extensive experience in corporate IP practice. She worked for Mentholatum, China Mobile, Hong Fu, Shanshan Group, LV and many other well-known companies. She is capable of a wide range of IP service areas and provided professional consultancy services for BaWang regarding worldwide trademark recognition and protection. Maintaining close communication with IP firms in more than 100 countries and regions, she provides strong support for the growing number of Chinese enterprises to go abroad.

  • Edmont Rao

    Vice President
    MSc (EM)
    • With work experience in several well-known foreign companies, Mr. Rao has extensive sales management experience in the Internet industry. He is familiar with domestic and foreign markets, and was responsible for global business. Being extremely good at opening up markets and channels, he served as a General Manager of Huawei, and worked at the senior sales management level in IBM, EMC and many other world-renowned enterprises.

  • Xiaoping Kou

    Vice President
    MA (Econ)
    • Mr. Kou is a US Project Manager Professional, a Master of Economics and a Senior Consultant. He is experienced in business management, consultancy and training. He was a former full-time university instructor. He also worked for the state-owned listed company GCI Science & Technology and served as the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of a private listed company, Qinghai Sunshiny Industrial. He is experienced in a wide range of business management services. He worked in large consulting firms as a senior consultant with extensive experience in project management. His advanced thinking is making influence to many Chinese companies.

  • Andrew Yang

    Vice President & CIO
    MSc (Soft Eng)
    • With experience of more than a decade in global business information and business transformation, Mr. Yang is good at leading and managing large international IT projects and has years of overseas work experience. He worked at the senior management level in Lenovo Group. He is also excel in establishing and operating big data processing platform, data acquisition platform, natural language processing platform, distributed data processing platform and application platform, building integrated online and offline sales and delivery systems.

  • MM Lv

    Vice President & CMO
    • Ms. Lv graduated from South China University of Technology (EMBA). She worked in the Chinese chained IT company CELLCOM.COM.CN and the China's largest and most influential entertainment portal SPIDER.COM.CN for many years. She was once an Executive Director. She is mainly responsible for the establishment of a standardized and efficient operation and management system, developing standards and monitoring the implementation of the company's operation. She is also responsible for the national market development and business performance, developing marketing strategies, managing the operation of multiple branch offices.

  • Bill Liu

    BBA (Marketing)
    • Mr. Liu graduated from Wuhan University. He possesses rich experience in e-commerce and online business platform operation and management. He worked in the world's largest e-commerce company eBay, and was at a senior management position in a local listed company. He excels at market development, channel management, communication and negotiation, promotion, marketing, etc.

  • Rock Li

    MSc (Soft Eng)
    • Mr. Li worked in a Fortune 500 companies, Danone, for 6 years at a IT management position. He also has 11-year experience of managing large and complex IT organization and ITIL service management, while 8 years of it were related to team management and project management. His expertise is in the fields of e-commerce, Internet and O2O sales and marketing.

  • Price Liu

    MSc (Soft Eng)
    • Mr. Liu is an experienced senior IT expert, especially in Internet technology development and Internet technical team management. He worked as a core management executive for many companies using B2C, B2B2C, B2B and ERP model/system such as SmartPak in United States,, With his knowledge in technical architecture, he has led the founding team to complete a system with daily PV of 2500W and successfully led to operate the B2B shopping mall of

  • Kelven Li

    MPAcc & MA (Econ)
    • Mr. Li is a Certified Public Accountant, having rich experience in financial management, financial and tax consultancy, project financing and introduction of corporate venture capital. He is an expert in asset reorganization and restructuring. He also has the experience in providing IPO services. He worked in well-known financial PR firms and investment holding groups. He also provided IPO and financial PR consultancy services to domestic listed companies such as Nanyang and Kailuan, helping enterprises to obtain over financing of US$300M.

  • Mandy Zhang

    MSc (HRM)
    • Ms. Zhang is a Senior Human Resources Professional, and a CCDM Professional Planner. With experience of more than 18 years in well-known foreign and local HR management, she worked for companies including P&G, PCCW, Fuda, etc. In 2009, she started to engage in the domestic enterprises who with rapid development. She is familiar with features of HR management in the O2O e-commerce industry and is good at manipulate her advanced HR experience in domestic enterprises. Regarding the rapid development of organizational change, HR management system design and implementation, she has extensive experience and knowledge.