WTOIP (www.wtoip.com) is committed to being the leading intellectual property (IP) trading and industrial upgrading platform in the world. With the mission of "Turning your ideas into reality", WTOIP focuses on the market of IP commercialization and monetization.

Apart from the open online platform and the online-to-offline (O2O) service model which establish WTOIP's distinctive and competitive position, WTOIP has also been building an "IP Business ecosystem" and providing services of business transformation and industrial upgrading to form a sustainable business model. With the integration of online-to-offline resources and professional services, WTOIP and its subsidiary UTC Intellectual Property assist numerous of corporations in upgrading and developing their business by providing various IP services of trademarks, patents, designs, copyrights and domain names, ranging from comprehensive IP planning to IP protection, from IP evaluation to IP trading and financing, so as to jointly accomplish upprecedented business achievements.

  • 36 branch offices in China
  • 60 cities presence in China
  • 2000+ employees

Innovative entrepreneurship services

  • IP Application & Registration
  • Open Innovation E-mall
  • IP Commercialization and Licensing
  • Partner Scouting
  • IP Litigation
  • Inno Tech E-marketing
  • Expert Consulting
  • Capital Financing